cornerstone college 'paideia' middle years learning centre

mount barker south australia

a new middle years learning centre providing integrated, flexible and connected learning spaces which shift away from the traditional classroom model


2015 AIA SA Commendation for Educational Architecture and Colorbond Steel Architecture

‘Paideia’ is the new Middle Years Learning Centre at Cornerstone College, located in the Adelaide Hills in Mount Barker SA. The two storey building has a footprint of 2,240 square metres and provides connected and integrated learning environments that are flexible and adaptable at a moment’s notice. The Year 7 and Year 8 cohorts intuitively use the connected learning spaces, learning commons and outdoor environments for collaborative activities, study and reflection. The project features a reading tree, adventure playground, amphitheatre, arbour link, colonnade, plaza and a large covered hard court space, which surround Paideia integrating the building with the natural and built surrounds.

Middle School students enjoy being physically active. They seek to engage in relevant learning and love to be challenged. Teaching and learning in ‘Paideia’ is a paradigm shift away from the traditional classroom. Learning spaces, learning commons and outdoor environments are seamlessly connected, both physically and visually. Both externally and internally 'Paideia’ provides a significant statement demonstrating a progressive and supportive approach to learning.