zelda gleeson   graduate of architecture

douglas alexander 

Douglas’s breadth and depth of experience over his career has included public buildings, education, community housing, heritage, sports, commercial, entertainment and private residential with 2 years in London, before returning to Adelaide to form Flightpath Architects in 1985 coinciding with becoming the Project Architect for the South Australian Maritime Museum.

He is passionate about his craft and passing on that passion to future generations of architects.

Although Flightpath is fully resourced with the most up to date digital technology, he sometimes likes to go ‘old school’ and draw, and think, by hand, about the process of creating and building.

He led the design team for Flightpath’s first award winning project in 1994, being the Lady Gowrie Child Centre’s Training and Resource Centre.

Since then, over thirty accolades in form of AIA Awards and Commendations, the Adelaide Prize for Architecture, and many Civic Trust Awards have flowed to Flightpath, notably every year from 2012 to 2017.

Douglas was the first Heritage Adviser appointed in South Australia in 1987, and Flightpath now provides this service to 9 metropolitan and regional Councils.

His reputation for his grass roots and respectful heritage approach is well known and he cares deeply about saving old buildings and seeing them creatively reused, especially when juxtaposed with good modern architecture and interiors. 

As founding Director of Flightpath, Douglas leads by example, encouraging honesty and integrity in design and innovation and discussion and debate around the design process, as well as nurturing and training many young and now successful architects, who have spread their wings from the security of the Flightpath Nest.