gawler carpark

south australia

this multi-level car park designed by flightpath, demonstrates that car parks can be designed to contribute to urban life rather than be an apologetic necessity

The Gawler Multi-level Car Park demonstrates that car parks do not have to be an apologetic necessity of urban life and can contribute to urban quality and diversity.

This four level building is located in the heart of Gawler – an area that has undergone great change in the last few years. The Town of Gawler identified the need for a new car park, and placed great importance on its visual qualities in the centre of town and at the edge of the Church Hill State Heritage Area.

The building consists of four sloping floor plates that fit into the topography of the Church Hill escarpment, providing access from three different streets at three different levels. A balance between open sides that provide natural light and ventilation, and walls provides a well-articulated building that responds to the red brick neighbours and provides an extensive ‘canvas’ for public art.

Strongly coloured concrete panels, twisted steel with glass infills and steel friezes are incorporated into the design of the car park. The purple-blue panel colour moves away from ubiquitous yellow, provides a contemporary tone and echoes the bluestone of old Gawler. The blue is highlighted in the ‘cast glass’ infill in the steel panels where the twisted steel bars are organically incorporated with the straight bars, adding a soft backdrop to the supermarket ‘piazza’.