halifax street

The Halifax Street housing for the Multi Agency Community Housing Association consists of nine secure and private residential units, solely for women and their children. Located adjacent to the historic Council Disinfector Building and Chimney, and a major new commercial housing development, Flightpath designed low cost, medium density housing that is environmentally responsible, aware of its surroundings and maximises the available land.

The simple cube form of the building is articulated with face brick and painted brick, and is relieved with galvanised steel sun-canopies and tall timber screens that provide unobtrusive security. Solar hot water heating, extensive use of timber, and attention to desirable solar penetration are evidence of the careful consideration given to materials and services.  Unpainted galvanised steel and brick complement the existing materials of the surrounding buildings, while providing MACHA with a robust, low maintenance asset. The housing has no parking provisions, and access to the three levels is by a central open stair. Disabled units on the ground floor are easily accessible.

Forming part of Adelaide’s inner city residential boom, this MACHA project demonstrates that low cost housing does not have to look and feel cheap.


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