Flightpath Architects began in a dilapidated  shop front in Mile End with a single architect in 1985.

From now until the present time, Flightpath has grown to  become a leading Architectural Practice in Adelaide.

Flightpath has evolved in all areas of Architectural practice including Education, Multi-residential, Commercial, Recreational, Civic, Residential, Conservation, Adaptive Re-use, Heritage Design Advice and Heritage Advisory Services.

As a recognised leader in heritage architecture and historical conservation, Flightpath's reputation now precedes it, and our reach is wide, in  providing  a Heritage Advisory Service to 9 metropolitan and regional Councils.

Flightpath’s first award winning project in 1994, was the Lady Gowrie Child Centre’s Training and Resource Centre.

Since then, over thirty accolades in the form of AIA Awards and Commendations, have flowed to Flightpath, notably every year from 2012 to 2017.

These have included: The Adelaide Prize for Architecture, the Newell Platten Award for Residential Architecture, the David Saunders Award for Heritage, 2 Ian MacDonald Awards and many Civic Trust Awards.

Flightpath are passionate about their craft and passing on that passion to future generations of architects. Honesty and integrity in design and innovation, and discussion and debate around the design process is encouraged, as well as nurturing and training many young and now successful architects, who have spread their wings from the security of the Flightpath Nest.

We are very proud of our humble beginnings, our history and our growth through the years.

Below are some selected past projects which illustrate our continual evolution as a committed and enduring Architectural Practice.

1994 - 2005 selected projects

2006 - 2012  selected projects

2013 - present  selected projects