kalaya children's centre redevelopment

queenstown south australia

a significant re-development of existing buildings and space to achieve  spacious internal and external play, learning and community  facilities

Kalaya Children’s Centre is an integrated Department for Education & Child Development site with a sessional kindergarten, long day care and pre-entry services. The redevelopment consists of significant internal changes to the existing early 1990’s Children Centre and an addition to accommodate community facilities.

Given the constraints of the existing floor plan, an early design move included relocating the kitchen into an existing courtyard. This resulted in a new roof form which is reflected in the design of the entry canopy, community facilities addition and verandah additions. Lightweight materials were selected for the additions to provide a point of difference between the existing masonry veneer structure and the new.

Flightpath believes that the redevelopment will bring new life into the building and help to ensure the continuity of a valued education service