james brown memorial trust kalyra heights village

south australia

each luxury townhouse has delivered innovative accommodation for the Baby Boomer generation incorporating environmentally sustainable design principles: minimal footprint, high energy rating,solar panels,solar hot water,rain water collection and re-use,natural ventilation and passive heating and cooling

This is the fifth project undertaken for the James Brown Memorial Trust since 2008. 

James Brown was a nineteenth century Scottish migrant farmer and his widow, Jessie inherited significant assets. She began the James Brown Memorial Trust in 1892 to care for the aged and disadvantaged.

The Trust established the Belair Village, providing a continuum of aged care living on one site.

This latest stage is a bold, innovative shift in the delivery of independent living.

The design allows living on one level, including a double garage, rarely attempted in this sector. The upper level provides a main bedroom with bathroom and open plan living, and balcony, connected with the living area and entrance.  The lower level provides two bedroom spaces for hobbies and grandchildren and a second, north facing balcony.  Views are instantly apparent upon entering the dwelling and framed by trees.

The building performs to a high energy rating with double glazed doors and windows that deliver thermal comfort, reduce noise from Belair Road and satisfy Bushfire parameters.  Solar panels and Solar Hot Water are installed to take advantage of northern aspect.   A 30,000L rainwater tank is installed to each duplex for bushfire sprinklers, storm water detention and bathroom supply.

This project has satisfied bold client expectations in delivering  innovative, luxurious accommodation that creates a new standard in independent living for the Baby Boomer generation.

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