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north terrace adelaide

flightpath were engaged to provide heritage design advice with particular reference to the surrounding heritage context

by demonstrating a progressive, innovative design lead to complement adjacent modern buildings whilst juxtaposing against identified heritage fabric, flightpath has provided a well considered solution which sits comfortably within the streetscape but ensures the identified significance of the heritage places is maintained

The Urbanest Adelaide Central development of 228-232 North Terrace comprises a mixed-use, high density student residential accommodation facility with the construction of a 21 level building of 67.61 metres in height, which replaced two existing buildings of mid-twentieth century origin (c.1958 and 1967-8).  The subject site has a 32 metre wide frontage to North Terrace.

Pre-application heritage advice was provided by Flightpath Architects in order to inform the design approach with particular reference to the surrounding heritage context.  While this focussed on heritage issues, it also suggested that the design approach should be innovative and complement the adjacent modern buildings, as well as the nearby State and adjacent Local Heritage Places. This represents a ‘design lead’ approach rather than a ‘heritage lead’ one.

Constructed within the Adelaide CBD and against a backdrop of mixed commercial development of varying architectural idioms and scale, the tower development sits comfortably within its streetscape context.  By demonstrating progressive design, the building juxtaposes against identified heritage fabric while taking subtle design cues and references which help it integrate with its mixed setting.

It is a design which, when viewed in isolation, may appear dominant against the immediate built form of its existing neighbours, however when viewed against its setting and the broader context, it is a well-considered solution which ensures that the identified significance of the proximate heritage places is maintained.